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November 25, 2015

Transfer large data with WCF

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[MSDN]: Introduction to Building Windows Communication Foundation Services

[MSDN]: Large Data and Streaming

[MSDN] Transferring large blobs of data with WCF

[MSDN]: Streaming Message Transfer

Transferring large files using WCF

File Transfer with WCF

WCF Streaming: Upload files over HTTP

Transferring large data over the wire using WCF

Passing Large Files in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) using Streaming and TCP

MTOM vs. Streaming vs. Compression – Large attachments over WCF

Streaming Files (for Upload/Download) in WCF (Message Contracts)



November 10, 2015

Secure your WCF Web Services resource references

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You want to secure your WCF web services, you want to sign digital signature on your web service here are some good references

[MSDN]: Using Message Contracts

[MSDN]How to: Set the ProtectionLevel Property

[VS Magazine] Security Considerations and Best Practices for WCF 4 Apps

[MSDN] Message Security with a Certificate Client

[MSDN] Message Security Certificate

[CodeProject] WCF Service Method Level Security using Message Contract

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